Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gilian Gibbons sentenced to 15 days in jail and deportation. She could have gotten 6 mths, lashed 40 times for her offense of allowing her students to name a teddy bear 'Muhammed'. It is just me, but isn't that a bit of an overkill for what constitutes a misunderstanding? Meanwhile demonstrations have been held in the capital of Sudan asking her to be shot or sentenced to death.

Meanwhile, In Saudi Arabia, a woman who was raped was sentenced to six months in prison and 200 lashes for being alone with a man not related to her, a violation of the kingdom's strict segregation of the sexes. Yes you read that right. She has been deemed an 'adulteress' for her offense. All this despite an internation furore and the lady's husband coming forward to defend her honour.Another sad case where the rights of women have been subjugated in the name of God.

Checks at vegetable farms in Sungei Tengah and the Lim Chu Kang Agrotechnology Parks, where red spots were found on crops there. The spots were caused by a dye released from an RSAF aircraft being tested at Tengah Airbase in preparation for an upcoming aerobatic display. AVA said the red spots were only found on crops in six farms in the Lorong Semangka area in Sungei Tengah. The farmers have three days to destroy the affected crops, which come up to some 200 tonnes of vegetables.

MINDEF said all reasonable claims arising from this incident will be considered and compensation will be paid accordingly. But still it is a massive loss to all the parties affected. Estimated loss per farm is $60,000 to $100,000! Surely there has to be a better way to resolve the matter whithout having to always revert to a worst-case scenario.

Following the sudden retirement from international football of Aide Iskandar, the Singapore Lion's have been hit with another blow. Nor Alam Shah repeated kicked and stomped on his international team mate Daniel Bennett as he lay on a ground during the RHB Singapore Cup final and was sent off.
In injury-time, Tampines' Singapore international striker Noh Alam Shah and SAFFC's Daniel Bennett came together and while both ended up on the floor, the challenge seemed innocuous enough.
But a shocking red mist descended on Alam Shah and he aimed a vicious punch at his international team-mate. As if that wasn't enough, ex-Lion and veteran midfielder Rafi Ali joined in the fracas.
Referee Abas Daud sent Alam Shah off but the 27-year-old's rage continued on the touchline and team-mates had to restrain him and haul the star off the pitch.
Bennett later couldn't remember anything from the game and was heard asking team-mates who had won and what the winners' medal around his neck was.
Followed closely behind by his wife, the Singapore vice-captain was sent to Mt Alvernia Hospital for observation.
Alam Shah was later seen crying by the sidelines, clearly distraught.

But that was not the end of it.Daniel Bennett came forward after he had cleared all the cobwebs to issue his opinion on what had transpired that night. Bennett had hoped to see Nor Alam be duly punished for his offence. What followed was an uproar in the local football community. Some felt that Bennett should have just kept his peace and not put more fuel into fire by asking for for sanctions against his team mate. Some referenced that Nor Alam Shah had..umm... 'apologised' for what he had done. And that the issue would split the Lion's locker room into 2 camps heading into their World Cup qualification campaign.
My view is that the FAS and S-League and whoever the powers-that-be may be should come down hard on an errant player irregardless of the short term consequences. This reminds me of the Woodlands walk-out a while back when the S-league handed them a relatively light points deduction for what constitutes a major lack of sportman-like behavior. And if they fail to act accordingly then the fans and the players will have lost what little respect they have for local football. Nor Alam should be punished for his actions even if that means the loss of a key cog of the Singapore attack.


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